Silver UFO Orb US Spy Plane Mosul Iraq Jeremy Corbell
Photo credit: Jeremy Corbell
Jeremy Corbell has been investigating unexplained aerial phenomena for quite some time, and his latest find is eye opening to say the least. This image, captured in 2016 by a US spy plane, appears to show a silver UFO orb over a conflict zone in Mosul, Iraq. It was allegedly flying alongside the plane without changing altitude.

Silver UFO Orb US Spy Plane Mosul Iraq Jeremy Corbell
This screen capture is apparently just one frame from a short video clip captured by an MC-12 on April 16, 2016, which is essentially a twin-engine turboprop reconnaissance aircraft whose primary mission is to provide intelligence as well as surveillance as support for ground troops. In this case, ground forces were in the city of Mosul in Northern Iraq.

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The video is 4 seconds long. The UAP is seen ‘moving with purpose’ in a lateral direction across the video (south to north). The ‘orb’ UAP is visible for approximately 1 second – as it moves through frame,” said Corbell.