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Inventor Thomas Burns, better known as Workshop Nation online, turned an Amazon Alexa device into a smart robot, complete with blinking eyes. Why? The Amazon... Read More
Chef Colonel Sanders may not be available on the KFConsole, but he is a playable character in Street Fighter 6. Between July 7th – August... Read More
NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover captured an unusual hollowed-out rock in Jezero Crater using its Mastcam-Z on June 26, 2023, which is the 836th Martian day... Read More
You’ve seen the world’s smallest bicycle, now check out the world’s lowest car. ‘Carmagheddon’ took a first-generation Fiat Panda, chopped it up, and then added... Read More
Photo credit: Cake Central The world’s first Angry Birds cafe and retail store is set to open in Flushing, Queens on Friday (July 8). This... Read More