Nintendo Miniature Sharp SF1 TV Set Built-in Super Famicom
Around 32-years-ago, the Sharp SF1 TV set with a built-in Super Famicom console was released exclusively in Japan. There were two different models, a larger 21-inch unit and then a version with a 14-inch screen. Problem is that both are not exactly portable, but a modder known as Limone came up with a clever, yet highly refined, solution.

Even if you came across a real Sharp SF1 today in working condition, it would cost you at least $1,000 USD without shipping. Limone’s solution was to build a miniature version, based on the ChoFamitsuku, complete with a USB Type-C power input. This isn’t some Raspberry Pi-powered device, as you’ll find actual Super Famicom hardware, which means the cartridges also work. However, the original CRT screen has now been replaced with a 5.5-inch LCD, complete with stereo speakers. The only thing it can’t do is double as a functional TV set.