MineCity 2000 SimCity 2000 Minecraft Mod
City-building simulation SimCity 2000 is a fun video game on its own, but what if you could transform the cities into Minecraft locations? Meet MineCity 2000. Created by software developer Jernej Gosar, this program converts the cities from the 1993 game into Minecraft (Java Edition) worlds by reading an .sc2 city file created by the former.

After reading the .sc2 city file, it then maps the terrain and places all of the structures into a Minecraft world. This project began in 2014, so to this day, it only generates Minecraft Java Edition worlds, although if someone else were to take over the programming, this could easily be adapted to the Windows 10 version. Download it here now.

The main reason why I decided to create this project was that I thought it would be really cool. SimCity 2000 has been one of my favorite games since I was a child and one day I thought that it would be extremely cool to go down into the streets and explore them,” said Gosar to Kotaku.