Tesla Semi Delivery Event 500-Miles Single Charge
During the Tesla Semi delivery event today at Gigafactory Nevada, Elon Musk showed a video of one of the trucks traveling 500-miles on a single charge, showing just how versatile this EV is on the road. The first vehicle(s) are being delivered to PepsiCo, which will be using them to support plants in Sacramento and Modesto, California.

A typical diesel-powered semitrailer truck costs approximately $120,000 USD, and PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay unit decided to partner with a local public health agency to replace its diesel-powered freight equipment with 15 Tesla semitrailer trucks. So far, the California Air Resources Board has committed to funding half of the estimated $30.8 million overhaul.

This is the only electric truck that we’ve seen that was designed to be an electric truck. This is a pivotal moment for the electric truck industry. If we get an EV company that understands battery management — understands how to build an electric vehicle from the ground up — and applies this to trucks, then this is a bellwether for the long-term future of electric trucks,” said Dave Mullaney, a trucking electrification expert at clean-energy nonprofit RMI.