Half-Life Alyx Levitation Mod
The long awaited Half-Life Alyx: Levitation mod has been released on Steam Workshop and early reviews indicate that it’s better than anticipated. This all-new community campaign begins right after Half-Life: Alyx, where the character returns to City-17 after meeting the G-MAN, and teams up with Russell once again.

Many will find it hard to believe that this mod did not come from a big studio, but rather by an independent team that includes level designer Shawn Snelling (Counter-Strike map specialist) and Half-Life streamer CoreyLaddo. For those who just can’t wait to play, the mod basically follows Alyx as she attempts to rescue members of the Earth Resistance from a puzzling floating building that appeared in the center of City 17. Download it here now.

During her absence, a mysterious levitating building appeared in the Sector X region of City-17. Two key members of the resistance named Barry and Maya decided to infiltrate and investigate Sector X — until their signal went quiet,” said the developer.