AI Upscale Colorize New York 1930s
These days, we can see 500 drones putting on a light show in New York, but the 1930s were very different for this forever bustling city. Artificial intelligence was used to upscale and colorize such footage, including The Bowery, Harlem, Little Italy, Chinatown as well as Borough Park.

All of the footage you see was taken directly from the Internet Archive (at archive[dot]org) in association with Prelinger Archives. These B&W clips have been motion-stabilized, enhanced, upscaled and colorized by means of cutting edge video software. This includes DeNoise for removing artifacts, increasing the motion interpolation to 60 fps using deep learning open source program Dainapp, upscaling the footage to 4K resolution, inserting ambience sound, adding color with Deoldify, and then joining various film fragments together into what you see here.