iOS 15 brings a heap of new features to the iPhone, but unfortunately for some people, it’s also caused an annoying bug with Instagram Stories. While it may not be as revolutionary of an update as iOS 14 was, iOS 15 is still a welcome addition to the iPhone. It makes notifications better than ever, many of Apple’s first-party apps gain new features, and Focus modes offer deep customization of how to use your phone during certain times of day.

As with any major software update, however, iOS 15 has not been perfect. There were numerous bugs in early betas, Apple had to delay the full rollout of iCloud Private Relay until a later date, and it’s causing a bizarre glitch with Apple Music on iPhone 13 models. The overall experience of iOS 15 is mostly fine at this point, but that’s not to say its rollout has been flawless.

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In addition to the above issues, another one with Instagram has also been spotted. As reported by The Verge, some people have complained that audio for Instagram Stories doesn’t play when the iPhone’s ringer switch is set to silent. Setting the switch to silent is only supposed to affect audio for notification sounds, not media playback. This obviously caused a bit of confusion for avid Stories users, but thankfully, there is some good news to accompany it.

How To Fix Instagram Stories Bug On iOS 15

iOS 15 logo on an iPhone

In a statement sent to The Verge, Instagram confirmed it was aware of the issue and was already working on a fix. As Instagram explains, “We’re aware that some people are having trouble hearing their audio in Instagram Stories. We’re working to fix this issue as quickly as possible and apologize for any inconvenience.” It’d be nice if Instagram had caught this bug during iOS 15’s developer/beta testing, but at the very least, it’s done a good job of issuing a fix so quickly.

In fact, the update to resolve this issue appears to already be live. For anyone who has Instagram installed, open the App Store, tap the profile icon in the top-right corner, and drag down on the screen to refresh the list of available app updates. Instagram should be there with an update to version 206.1 — thus resolving the annoying ringer switch bug. There may be additional iOS 15 quirks that continue to pop up in the days ahead, and as annoying as they might be, they should all be resolved in a fairly timely manner. Keep an eye out for anything wonky, update apps as soon as new versions are available, and get those Stories back to normal.